Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

lighting ideas living room ceiling

Ceiling lights are a great place to start your lighting project. They’re easy to find, don’t take up much room and give a sense of light and airiness to any room.

There are a few different types of ceiling lights including flush mounts, semi-flush fixtures and recessed lights. These come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Choosing the right fixture for your living room is essential to creating the perfect ambience and setting the mood for any activity in your space. Whether it’s reading or watching TV, having the right lights in the room is important to get the best results from your decor.

1. Choose a sculptural lamp that makes a statement and adds interest to the space.

A beautifully sculptural lamp with brass, opaque glass or a unique coloured shade is sure to make your living room more interesting.

2. Create a trinity of layered lighting that reflects your personality and ambiance.

Layering lighting is the key to a successful design, and living room lighting is no exception. You can use wall, table and floor lamps to create a balanced scheme, as well as spotlight a favorite piece of furniture or decorative accents for added impact.

3. Adding LED strips to your ceiling is a budget-friendly way to nail luminosity in any space.

LED strips are easily available and super easy to install without hiring a professional, and can be placed around a tray ceiling, under your media cabinet, within built-in shelving, along your mantle, you name it.

4. Adding candles to your living room can create a cozy atmosphere and provide an ambient glow.

Candles have a natural flicker and emit a pleasing scent. They’re also a good choice for anyone who enjoys aromatherapy in their home, as the warmth of a candle’s glow is an excellent way to calm the mind and body.

5. A dramatic wall light is a conversation-starter and mood-setter, and works especially well in minimalist spaces.

This living room by designer Pamono combines a glam gold Sputnik-style chandelier with a hanging paper lantern to brighten up the space and set the mood for any occasion.

6. Try a ceiling fan for extra air circulation and a cool breeze in summer.

A ceiling fan is a great addition to any living space, as it provides the necessary air movement in your living room to keep you comfortable and to help reduce your heating bills in winter. It’s a great option for a family room too, as you can adjust the fan speed to suit your needs and keep everyone in the house happy.

7. For more light, try adding a pendant.

One of the most common living room ceiling light options is the pendant, which features small glass or metal shades that hang down from the ceiling. They are usually no wider than 8-10 inches across, which means they take up very little space in a room and offer a great way to light up an area of the room that isn’t well lit.

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