Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ Music Video

chandelier music video

Sia is a famous songwriter who writes hit songs for other artists like Rihanna. Sia’s songs are dark and sexy. One of her most popular songs is called ‘Chandelier’. It’s a song about alcoholism and addiction. The music video of this song is dark and haunting. It depicts the addiction of a woman to alcohol. It also shows the consequences of her addiction. The video is filmed in an abandoned, dirty apartment. This setting reflects the feelings of neglect and addiction of the character. Maddie Ziegler, a dancer from the popular reality show ‘Dance Moms’, performs the choreography of this music video. She does everything from front aerials to a split. The video has racked up 2.5 billion views on YouTube. Maddie is an expert at performing these moves. Sia contacted her after watching her on ‘Dance Moms’. She reached out to her and her mom to see if they were interested in doing a music video with her.

Initially, Sia wanted to hide her face in the music video of ‘Chandelier’. However, she eventually decided to show her face as the song is about her personal struggle with alcoholism and addiction. The song is also a sexy and fun song that tells the story of a girl who wants to live her life like a party. The lyrics of the song also convey the feeling of being a mannequin in a dark and empty apartment. The dark music video reflects the feelings of being an addict and a mannequin.

The video for this song is a haunting and sexy dance routine that portrays the feeling of being addicted to alcohol. Maddie Ziegler, a child dancer from the reality TV show Dance Moms, performs the dancing for this music video. She has a blonde bob and interprets the song’s lyrics through her dancing. The video was directed by Ryan Heffington, who has worked on numerous music videos. The music video is a visual masterpiece that has received critical acclaim from many people. It has also ranked high on the Just Dance 2023 Edition music video chart.

Despite not appearing in her own music videos, Sia has gained recognition as a songwriter who can turn a mundane pop song into a massive hit. She has paved the way for a new generation of songwriters-turned-stars, including Charli XCX and Tove Lo. However, she’s a rare case in which the singer has more success as a songwriter than as a solo artist. Regardless, she’s on a roll right now with her latest album 1,000 Forms of Fear and its lead single Chandelier.

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