Hell’s Kitchen Challenge: Kitchen 18

kitchen 18

Kitchen 18 is a kosher restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona that follows strict Jewish dietary standards. The restaurant serves meat from animals that have been slaughtered according to Jewish law, and also follows a ban on mixing dairy with meat. The kitchen is also forbidden to use chametz in cooking, which is a staple in most Jewish dishes. The restaurant is owned by Rabbi Jordan Brumer, who says that buying the restaurant was a childhood dream of his.

In the challenge, the chefs were tasked with creating signature dishes from their personal recipe books. The rookies were paired against veterans, who each had to replicate the other team’s dish and then receive feedback from the judges. After both teams finished, the rookies walked away with 29 points, which is the lowest score in the history of the show and only the second time that no signature dish scored a 1.

While the rookies were still happy about their win, the veterans weren’t so thrilled after getting smoked on service. Chris wrote down wrong cooking times, Jose served raw halibut, and Scotley was constantly micromanaging Mia on the fish station. Jen also earned her teammates’ ire by overdressing a salad and giving attitude to Sous Chef Jocky. Ramsay decided to send Jen home, which was a surprise to the entire table.

After the challenge, the chefs got to know each other better and talk about their past cooking experiences. Then, they were tasked with making risotto that would be added to the Hell’s Kitchen menu. The chefs were split into two kitchens, with the rookies working under Sous Chef Christina and the veterans working under Sous Chef Jocky. The first team to complete their risotto was awarded a reward of dinner at Charcoal in Venice Beach. Ramsay then announced that the chefs were playing for a Punishment Pass, a one-time advantage that allows the winner to skip punishment and join the winning team on their reward.

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