Top 5 Best Buying Tips for Baby Clothes You Must See

Today I will share with you the best shopping tips for 5 baby clothes, and teach you how to buy clothes for your baby scientifically.

How to buy clothes for your baby, this topic should start from the baby’s unique physical characteristics.

The baby’s skin is delicate, the body immunity is poor, the body temperature regulation function is not perfect, and the metabolism is strong. Babies within one year of age are not able to cooperate independently when putting on and undressing, and they cannot speak. If the clothes are uncomfortable, they will not express to their parents.

After the first year of age, the baby’s cooperation has improved, but they can walk, are often more lively, and sweat more easily.

Therefore, when parents choose clothes for their babies, it varies from person to person, and makes scientific choices according to the situation.

01 Texture of baby clothes

Due to the delicate skin of the baby, parents must follow the principle of “natural materials, avoid chemical fiber materials” when buying clothes for babies, especially underwear that directly touches the baby’s skin. Natural materials include pure cotton, wool, silk, etc.

Because these natural materials are superior in warmth, breathability, water absorption and softness, and are not easy to cause baby skin allergies.

baby Clothes made of chemical fibers are more irritating and can easily cause allergies to babies, especially babies with allergies. Parents should choose clothes made of natural materials for them.

Top 5 Best Buying Tips for Baby Clothes You Must See

However, for the baby’s coat, you can choose clothes containing chemical fiber components. After all, the clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics have the advantages of easy cleaning and wear resistance.

The identification method of whether the baby’s clothes are cotton fabrics: burning method.

Operation method: Draw a strand of yarn at the seam of the baby clothes, ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, the cotton burns faster, the flame is high, and it can spread automatically, leaving a small amount of soft white or gray Ashes, not coking.

02 Color of baby clothes

Parents always like to dress up their babies beautifully, and like to buy brightly colored clothes for their babies. In fact, the color of baby clothes is best to choose light colors, avoid bright colors.

As we all know, brightly colored fabrics often contain a lot of chemical dyes, dyeing auxiliaries, lead and formaldehyde and other harmful chemical residues. The baby’s tender skin cannot stand the stimulation of these chemicals.

Therefore, in the choice of color, parents should choose light colors, especially underwear and T-shirts and other clothing that directly contact the skin.

At the same time, parents should also pay attention to the fact that the fabrics of some clothes are too whitish. In fact, fluorescent agents are added to the clothes. The fluorescent agents contain toxic substances, which are very harmful to the baby.

Top 5 Best Buying Tips for Baby Clothes You Must See
Baby clothes for newborn. In pastel colors

03 Size of baby’s clothes

In daily life, some parents think that the baby grows so fast that the clothes cannot be worn after one season, which is too wasteful, so there is often a lot of “development space” for the baby’s clothes.

In fact, the warmth retention effect of such clothes is not ideal, therefore, the baby’s clothes should be moderate in size and tightness.

The baby’s clothes are too tight, it is easy to bind the baby, hinder their breathing, and make them feel comfortable, but too loose, not close to the flesh, is not conducive to keeping warm, especially in winter clothes, you should pay more attention to keeping warm.

In addition, the size of the collar (circumference) of the baby’s pullover should be greater than 52 cm; there should be no rope at the neckline and hat edge, and the exposed length of the rope on the finished product should not exceed 14 cm, so as not to wrap around the baby’s neck, etc. , a danger occurs.

In addition, if there are other people’s baby’s old clothes, 0-3 months baby, underwear can wear old clothes. Parents, don’t have psychological barriers, this is not to save money, the key is that the baby’s skin is tender, and it is more comfortable to wear old clothes.

If you really mind, you can add disinfectant to wash it repeatedly and expose it to sterilization before putting it on the baby.

Top 5 Best Buying Tips for Baby Clothes You Must See

04 Choice of styles

The style of baby clothes should be properly selected according to the characteristics of their different body stages.

The clothes for babies aged 0-1 are best to choose “monk clothes” without collars and slanted fronts, and preferably longer in the front and shorter in the back. One is to avoid urination and defecation pollution, and the other is to keep the abdomen warm.

In addition, it is also very convenient for babies within one year to choose one-piece suits.

When choosing clothes for babies aged 1 to 3 years, they should choose clothes with buckles at the collar, so that it is easier to put on and take off the baby.

Top 5 Best Buying Tips for Baby Clothes You Must See

05 Choice of workmanship

Baby clothes, workmanship is also very particular. In the selection, we should resist those shoddy clothes, and choose clothes with less burrs, less thread ends, careful stitching, and exquisite workmanship.

When parents buy, they can not only check with the naked eye, but also determine the feeling of no burrs by touching them with their hands.

Also, pay attention to the labels of the clothes, and when purchasing, choose those clothes that have the labels sewn on the outside of the clothes.

Don’t choose these two kinds of T-shirts

Top 5 Best Buying Tips for Baby Clothes You Must See

for your baby in summer: one is the clothes with large prints or coatings on the front or back of the T-shirt, which is not breathable.

06 Stylish options

Many parents always want to dress up their babies beautifully, and bring them out to look bright on their faces, so they choose fashionable and beautiful clothes for their babies.

In fact, some accessories have many hidden safety hazards. Parents check the firmness of these accessories when purchasing them to prevent them from falling off and being accidentally swallowed by the baby. Tight jeans and waist pants will also affect the development of the baby’s reproductive system.

Therefore, the baby’s clothing should not pursue fashion, but should be simple and generous.

Here are some examples of well-known brands:

Disney/Disney, les enphants, gb, Bornbay, Lucky BaBy, Hello Kitty, Engnice, Uniqlo, Gap and many more.

Top 5 Best Buying Tips for Baby Clothes You Must See

Hope this article helps you, what kind of clothes did you buy for your baby? Welcome to leave a message~

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