Petite Friture Vertigo Small Lamps

Constance Guisset

The Vertigo lamp, designed by Constance Guisset, is one of the most popular lighting pieces of the contemporary age. Made from steel, fibreglass, and polyurethane, its floating shade moves with the air to create a soft, dreamlike atmosphere. The Vertigo is available in both large and small sizes, and is produced in France.

A pendant, the Vertigo features an organically shaped fiberglass structure topped by a velvet polyurethane ribbon. These elements create an airy, intimate atmosphere, while the shade sways gently in a slight breeze, creating a communal “den” of intimacy. The Vertigo has become a modern icon for Petite Friture, a design company in Paris.

This striking, yet simple lamp is designed to be hung from the ceiling or on a wall. The curved shade creates a unique play of light and shadow. The Petite Friture Vertigo lamp does not require any installation work as it is delivered folded. The Vertigo is not currently in stock, but is scheduled to be available soon.

The designer began her own studio in 2007 and is now known for designing industrial objects for a variety of clients. She has also collaborated with various fashion brands, such as Angelin Preljocaj, Established & Sons, and Galeries Lafayette. Her designs have won multiple awards, including the Grand Prix du Design de la Ville de Paris in 2008, designer of the year at Maison et Objet 2010, and the Audi Talent Awards 2010.

Petite Friture

The Petite Friture Vertigo is a pendant lamp with a soft, flowing motion. Designed by Constance Guisset, it is extremely light and flexible, and moves with the rhythm of the wind. The Vertigo pendant lamp is also available in a larger version.

The Vertigo small lamp features a striking graphic design and is made of fibreglass and polyurethane bands. It creates a beautiful shadow play when illuminated, and can be shipped to your address. The pendant comes with a long, textile cord, a cable cup, and is CE-marked.

Petite Friture also offers a large version of the Vertigo lamp, which can be used in larger spaces. This versatile lamp is available in two sizes, making it an ideal addition to any interior design scheme. Whether you’re decorating a living room or a bedroom, the Vertigo lamp will help you set a unique atmosphere and add a special touch to your space.

Designed by Constance Guisset, the Vertigo lamp is one of the Petite Friture collection’s best-selling pieces. Its 140cm diameter makes it incredibly light and flexible, and it moves gently with the wind. This effect results in a beautiful shadow play on the walls.

The Vertigo pendant lamp is a modern classic. It has a sculptural, graphic design, and can be installed in both large and small spaces. The shade contains an E27 bulb with a maximum 15-watt rating. The Vertigo is available in two different colours: green and black.


The Vertigo Pendant Lamp is a beautiful light that is huge and extremely flexible. Designed by Constance Guisset, this lamp flexes and moves softly with the wind. It is a beautiful piece for any room. If you are looking for an elegant light fixture for your home or office, you’ll want to look at the Vertigo collection.

The Vertigo pendant lamp is the signature light by Petite Friture, and it has a strong visual impact. Its curved shade creates an effect that is both whimsical and beautiful. And since it is delivered folded, it requires no installation work. Although not in stock yet, it will be available soon.

The Vertigo lamp is designed by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture and comes in two sizes. It is made of iron and polyurethane, and is available in six different finishes. When lit, the light shines through the large floating shade to create an intimate, calming atmosphere.

Petite Friture offers two different sizes of Vertigo pendant lamps. The smaller version is 140cm in diameter, and the larger one has a diameter of two metres. Despite the smaller size, this light is extremely lightweight, and it moves with the air. This creates an excellent shadow play on the wall.

The Vertigo small pendant light is an attractive addition to any room. Its polyurethane ribbons move with the breeze and cast intriguing shadows. This pendant lamp is perfect for a living room or a dining room and looks great anywhere in your home.

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