5 Best Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day is coming soon~~ Jewelry must be a great gift for Valentine’s Day to your favorite TA! Now that the editor has summed it up for everyone, hurry up and choose one for your lover!

【VIvienne Westwood | Pearl Jewelry Necklace】

VIvienne Westwood’s Saturn with pearls is really fashionable and eye-catching! Retro with modern, modern with sensibility! There is no girl who will not love such beautiful jewelry!

VIvienne Westwood | Pearl Jewelry  Necklace

【Bulgari | Spring Necklace】

Bulgari’s spring necklace is really super invincible, there are many stars, and it is super classic! Prices go up every year! But it doesn’t affect its classic status at all!

Bulgari | Spring Necklace】

【Yoko London | Pearl Stud Earrings】

It’s really synonymous with elegance and intellectuality~ When a girl wears it, it really feels like turning into a fairy in seconds! Yoko London is the pearl jewelry used by the royal family!

The history is very long! And the price is also very favorable, usually more than 100 pounds can be included in the bag! Super cost-effective!

Yoko London | Pearl Stud Earrings

【CARTIER | Love Ring】

Cartier’s classic Love series is really a classic in the classics! Super fashionistas are must-have items! This gift must be generous and classic! And you can also buy a pair of rings~

CARTIER | Love Ring

【Tiffany | Key Necklace】

Tiffany’s key necklace is also one of the must-have items in jewelry! And it’s given out on Valentine’s Day, isn’t that the key to your heart is also entrusted to your beloved TA! Really a super good moral to put!

Tiffany | Key Necklace

Finally, I will share with you the following Valentine’s Day discount list I summarized.

  • Penhailigon’s Penhailigon————Up to 40% off + 3 fragrances per order!
  • Chanel Camellia Cleansing —————— Just £30 Grab!
  • SkinCeuticals ————22% off! Color Repair Serum for only £46!
  • Alexander Mcqueen McQueen ———— 65% off! Small white shoes only £253
  • Suitnegozi high luxury e-commerce ———— 30% off! OW Biscuit Shoes £143
  • Balenciaga Balenciaga ———— 40% off! Daddy shoes only £508
  • L’Artisan Artisan————rare buy one get one free!
  • Harrods————Members get 10% off weekends! Grab the Jellycat!

I hope this article is helpful to you, please leave a message to me~

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