Top 3 Popular Styles of the Most Famous Clark Shoes

Asked what is the best shoe in the UK, I think everyone’s first reaction must be Clarks! That’s right, from spring singles to summer sandals, from fall outdoor sneakers to winter boots, Clarks runs almost the entire shoe rack.

Italian brands are the most expensive shoes, but most Italian brands are luxury brands that are famous all over the world and can fly into the homes of ordinary people. Clarks is one of them.

As a synonym for the most comfortable shoes in the world and the top leather shoes in Europe, Clarks has rich experience in technological innovation, always insists on inheriting exquisite craftsmanship, combined with a number of patented technologies, and is committed to providing an unparalleled comfortable shoe wearing experience.

Today we are going to talk about 3 popular styles of Clark shoes.

The design of Clarks is simple and elegant, but it does not lose fashion and trend elements, which is very popular among the public. All shoes are exquisitely designed, pay attention to details, use a single and simple color, and mostly use traditional suede, cowhide and so on.

Clarks focuses on craftsmanship, materials and stitching, and their shoes are always solid and timeless. Even if it is a traditional conservative shoe, it is often favored by British fashionistas.

Clark Shoes

01 Clarks Desert Boot

The Clarks Desert Boot combines the minimalist style of the British gentleman with the rugged toughness left over from the war culture, which makes the Desert Boot irresistible to the Rude Boys community.

With its minimal design and outstanding performance, the Desert Boot has become an important shoe to rewrite the fashion style of British Mods. Hollywood star Steve McQueen also wore the Desert Boot on various occasions, further deepening the bad boy image of the desert boot.

From British teens, to medieval American movie stars, to Jamaican reggae musicians, Clarks has left its mark on diverse and unique subcultures.

Clarks Desert Boot

02 Clarks x Palm Angels

In addition to the excellent quality of Via Palm Angels, Clarks also takes the lead in design, making the brand always active at the forefront of the wave of cultural movements.

It has teamed up with brands such as Palm Angels, A Bathing Ape®, nanamica, Supreme, Lemaire and more to launch a series of eye-catching shoe designs, earning himself a place in the field of fashion co-branding.

 Clarks x Palm Angels

03 “THEN. NOW. ALWAYS.” FW20 Campaign

There is no doubt that a pair of Desert Boots have played a pivotal role in Clarks’ more than 100-year history.

Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the birth of desert boots, it launched a new 2020 autumn and winter series with the theme of “THEN. NOW. ALWAYS.”, and traced the birth story of Clarks in Somerset, England through a series of blockbusters.

Although the word “trend” has been redefined over the past few decades, the Desert Boot, with its breakthrough casual style, has continued to this day and has become one of the popular choices of contemporary fashionistas.

In the early spring and summer of 2020, Clarks released the Desert Boot 1 generation, which is loyal to the original shoemaking process. From needlework thread, classic 220 last type..

"THEN. NOW. ALWAYS." FW20 Campaign

From the high-quality leather provided by the famous Stead factory in the UK to the natural raw rubber outsole produced in Sri Lanka, the Desert Boot has always inherited the original shoemaking standards.

The second generation of desert boots released this time, Desert Boot 2, has upgraded and improved the shoe last on the basis of retaining the original shoe shape of the first generation.

Using the latest 221 shoe last, more space is reserved for the instep and heel, and a more ergonomic arc design is added to the sole and sole of the foot, making it more comfortable to wear.

In addition, Desert Boot 2’s insole, sole and other details also incorporate the latest technology. The sole part is changed to a rubber material to provide stronger grip, while the insole incorporates its’ brand exclusive Cushion Plus technology, which uses an air cushion to relieve metatarsal pressure.

"THEN. NOW. ALWAYS." FW20 Campaign

While the comfort is upgraded, it also reflects the perfect combination of the brand’s original classics and contemporary technological innovation.

There is no doubt that Clarks is now one of the most powerful witnesses of British subculture and street culture since the 19th century.

The fully upgraded Clarks will also be suitable for more people. This infinite possibility also confirms the slogan of it this time “CLARKS, THEN. NOW. ALWAYS.”

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