Top 7 Best Shoe Brands in 2022

As a member of the love to buy shoes, such big brands as Steve Madden, Cole Haan, Sam Edelman, etc., are really cheap during the discount season in the UK! Today I will share with you the following

Without further ado, are you guys ready? Stretch out your feet, come and follow the editor to see if there are any shoes you like!

Brands 01 Stuart Weitzman

When it comes to over-the-knee boots and sandals, the first brand that comes to mind is definitely SW! SW boots and sandals are the darlings of celebrities and fashion bloggers!

SW’s over-the-knee boots are really easy to wear, and the braids with thick calves are amazed when they put on their over-the-knee boots!

It seems that the legs in the mirror are not your own. Whose legs are grafted on the braid~ The super classic 5050 and lowland should be a must-have for shoe cabinets~ If you like rooted girls, you can also choose other styles~

Some fans may say that now is not the season to buy boots, if you don’t want to, then the editor is here to sincerely recommend another classic of its family – one-word sandals~

This shoe can choose different heels according to different occasions. Celebrities will choose stiletto heels when they attend events and walk the red carpet. Of course, it is more practical for us ordinary people to choose short and thick heels in life!

Of course, if you think you can easily control stiletto heels, the editor still recommends stiletto heels, after all, wearing them is more elegant and more temperamental!

Brands 02 Tory Burch

Although Tory Burch is not a professional shoe maker, its super classic LOGO ballet flats with elastic heels are really comfortable enough to make me amazed!

~Editor once went shopping and passed by tory burch, and after trying on these shoes by chance, I never wanted to take them off again!

The soft lambskin is worn on the feet as if stepping on cotton, which makes the knitting feel fluttering! Those who pay attention to comfort must not miss this pair of shoes!

In addition to the one I love, there are other flat shoes and chunky heels with other logos that are also worth buying! Super cost-effective, very suitable for commuters, especially the logo thick heel.

Anyway, tory burch is definitely a pair of shoes with a super high street rate. It is comfortable, easy to wear and good-looking! Ten thousand years push Oh!

Brands 03 Sam Edelman

When watching the first part of Jurassic World, is there anyone who is as incredible as I am about the fact that the female protagonist can run fast in high heels?

The editor couldn’t hold back his curiosity. After a search on the Internet, it turned out that the female protagonist was wearing the brand of Sam Edelman in the movie!

The girls who wear high-heeled shoes say that it is comfortable, which can be said to be well-known! Therefore, those who like to wear high heels and want to wear comfortable high heels must mark the brand of Sam Edelman!

In addition to high heels, flat shoes are also very easy to wear~ Many girls are full of praise after wearing it!

Brands 04 Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a very cheap brand that is close to the people, especially when it is discounted, the price is so good that there are no friends! And its shoes are fashionable and young, and there are many affordable alternatives to big brands!

Steve Madden

Brands 05 Cole Haan

Cole Haan is also a very fashionable brand. British-style Oxfords, comfortable beanie shoes, and good-looking and easy-to-wear high heels are all worth buying.

His shoes not only take into account the sense of fashion and comfort, but also the price is close to the people.

Especially its men’s Oxford shoes and Cambridge shoes, which are strongly recommended to men! It looks fashionable and atmospheric, suitable for both business and leisure!

Cole Haan

Brands 06 Clarks

Clarks is a century-old British shoe brand. For a long time, Clarks has been focusing on comfortable, business casual style.

In the shoe brand, the comfort of clarks is among the best~ The feet are flying like flying, and the real cowhide! Especially suitable for parents, elders, etc.! It’s really super sweet to buy for relatives and elders~~


Brands 07 Timberland

Timberland is the world’s leading outdoor sports brand. Because of its very good quality, people in the rivers and lakes call it “unbreakable.” Its star product is the Hornet waterproof boots.

Its waterproof boots are very wear-resistant and durable. The workmanship is very strong, and it won’t break or wear at all! Especially suitable for winter, it is not only slip-proof and rain-proof, but also very warm! It’s also cool to wear with jeans casually!

Not only boys wear cool clothes, but girls also have a unique charm!


Alright~ Thank you all for listening to what I have to say here! Every brand is recommended by me sincerely! So when you see something you like, pick it up and go home! You won’t be disappointed~

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