Green Mushroom Table Lamps

green mushroom lamp

If you’re looking for a unique table lamp, a green mushroom lamp could be a great option. This lamp is made of plastic and is designed to resemble a mushroom. The color of the light it casts depends on the type of shade you select. For example, a green mushroom lamp that has a top shade that is a lighter shade will cast a lighter light than one with a darker shade.

Pistachio green mushroom lamp by Heico

The Pistachio green mushroom lamp by Heiko is an excellent choice for your child’s room. This adorable lamp is made from heat resistant plastic and creates a soft glow in any room. It also looks great when switched off as its warm glow is perfect for nighttime use.

This light is easy to switch on and off and is the perfect accent piece for a child’s room or nursery. It comes with a North American 12-V adapter and on/off switch. The manufacturer uses high-quality materials and makes sure that all of the lamps are safe for children.

Alabaster lamp

A pair of alabaster table lamps with a slender column and a domed shade, both with tassel edging, is a classic style lamp. The columns and shade are of a similar design, while the base is square and fitted for electricity. Each lamp stands 45 cm high.

This lamp comes in a choice of three colors: bright green, stark white, or brilliant brass. Its tall profile, brushed gold finish, and rotary switch will enlighten any living space. This elegant lamp can be placed anywhere in the home, and the rocker switch makes it easy to use.

Novogratz x Globe Electric Haydel lamp

The Novogratz x Globe Electric Haydelel green mushroom lamp is a classic table lamp that can be found in various colors. Its seven-foot cord provides plenty of placement room. Its mushroom-shaped shape is combined with sleek, modern lines and is made of durable materials. The design is reminiscent of classic mushroom shapes but with a more contemporary aesthetic.

The mushroom lamp is often associated with the 70s, but it can also be used in a vintage, Art Deco space. It comes in two finishes: aged brass and polished nickel. Old brass has an antiqued look, while polished nickel gives a more modern look. This lamp would be a perfect fit in a vintage-themed room, especially one with a bushy rug and floral wallpaper.

Panthella floor lamp

A mushroom floor lamp tells a story of natural beauty with its relaxed illumination and clean shapes. Its column base is made of marble, giving the piece a streamlined and steady quality. Its arms curve gently like a mushroom stalk, and the rounded lamp shades depict its cap. This sculptural design gives the room a large collective glow.

With its high-shine finish and unique silhouette, the mushroom floor lamp is the perfect accent for a retro bedroom. The lamp is available in a variety of colors and finishes, including brass, copper, and white.

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