Modern 50s Style For Men

modern 50s style

There are a lot of 1950s styles for men that have made their way back into popularity. Whether you want to go for a preppy ivy league look or a more casual style, there are plenty of options available. You may have trouble finding the perfect fit, though, so it is a good idea to get fitted at a department store.

The styles of men’s clothing were dramatically changed in the 1950s. This period brought more versatility, bold colors, and a more adventurous approach to fashion. It was also a time when people could make more money and try new things. In fact, one of the most famous films of the era was “The Wild One,” which was inspired by a small motorcycle gang. Other films from this era included “On the Waterfront” and “Rebel Without A Cause.”

For women, a pencil skirt was a popular choice in the 1950s. These skirts were narrow, straight, and often fell at the natural waist. They were usually worn with a t-shirt underneath, although the sleeves were often rolled up. Many women also wore slacks. If you are a conservative woman, you can wear matching shorts to complement your look.

Women’s shoes in the 50s ranged from sneakers to ballet flats. Shoes in this period were made of neutral colors, so they went well with most of the clothes. Leather slippers were extremely popular.

Sport coats were a great way for men to add color to their outfits in the 50s. Many had two buttons or patch pockets. Some even had a button-down front. Wearing a sport coat in the 50s was a bit more casual than wearing a business suit.

Sports coats were often in tartans, plaids, and other fun colors. Shirts were also in brighter colors. Bowling shirts were also very popular. When the weather was cooler, you might wear a woolen newsboy cap.

A bucket hat was another popular option. These hats were usually tilted to the side when worn. Another hat, the Panama hat, had a center crease.

Men’s hair was typically long and wavy. Some wore bangs or a side part. Most stayed away from facial hair.

Shirts came in bold colors and prints, as well as pastels. During the 1950s, a shirt was generally paired with a pair of pants that was either neutral or had a pattern. Even the men’s ties were colorful. Sometimes, a t-shirt was worn with a V-neck.

When you’re looking for a 1950s outfit, remember to choose a cardigan that fits. You should also consider your footwear. Choosing the right shoe can complete your look.

If you’re looking to recreate the classic ’50s style, it’s easy to find 1950s style clothing and accessories at a variety of department stores. Make sure to get a good fit and to find a shoe that compliments the rest of your wardrobe. Keep in mind that these styles are more casual, so you can wear them to any event, not just work.

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