Room 1015 Perfume Review

In the world of perfume, we typically associate high fashion with luxury brands like Chanel and Dior. When you hear the word “room 1015,” however, most people think of a hotel room in Los Angeles where rock ’n’ roll happened. The Riot House trembled on more than one occasion, but it never came down. Whether you’re looking for the scent of stale beer and worn leather or something more ethereal like incense, the perfumes from room 1015 deliver the full rock and roll experience with a brash sensibility.

The French niche line, founded by Michael Partouche – pharmacist turned guitar player and perfume maker – brings together two of his passions: music and perfume. The result is a collection of fragrances that are not afraid to push the envelope or break down walls with their intense compositions and sultry names like Cherry Punk and Electric Wood.

A tribute to the 1970’s era of rock ‘n’ roll, this fragrance captures the idealism of youth suffocated by the heavy smell of leather and a burned sandalwood. This woody unisex perfume combines fresh notes of tangerine and violet for a rebellious touch.

Inspired by the legendary Continental Hyatt Hotel – better known as the “Riot House” – this fragrance captures the spirit of total delirium experienced by every self-respecting rock band in the 70’s. From Jim Morrison dangling from a balcony to Keith Richards dropping his TV out the window and Bobby Keys hopping on the back of a motorcycle to get the last seat in the van, the tumult of L.A. in the 70’s was present in every room at the Riot House.

This fragrance embodies the chaos of that time: opiated passion, the creative explosion, the sexual liberation, and the achievement of a higher consciousness (wink). The smell of a crowded hotel room explodes in a do-good MANDARIN soaked in animal SANDALWOOD. It’s an outlet for a raging lust, the smell of a caged wild lioness ready to explode. The clean yet dirty smell of ORRIS powder tames her, while a tender CASHMERE shawl wraps around her shoulders. The stage is hers. Rock on!

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