Surstromming – A Swedish Delicacies


Among Swedish traditional food, surstromming is one of the most popular and most loved dishes. However, despite its popularity, this delicacy is rarely sold outside of Sweden. However, some restaurants have begun to serve this dish. You may also see it served as a sandwich filling.

Surstromming is a fermented dish. This means that the fish is put in a salty brine for two months before it’s sliced and served. The salt helps to preserve the fish. In addition, the high saltiness of the brine prevents the development of bacteria and pathogens.

Surstromming was developed in the 16th century during a period of salt shortages. It’s believed that sailors started to make surstromming because they didn’t have enough salt to preserve the fish. After being sliced, the backbone and skin are removed. The ungutted version is then transferred to a can. The pressure of the can helps to preserve the fish. The tin is airtight, but the gases that are released during fermentation can deform the tin.

Surstromming is typically eaten as an open-faced sandwich. Sliced onions and sour cream are often served with it. However, you can also eat it with boiled potatoes or sliced bread. It’s not for everyone, but most Swedes love it.

Surstromming has a strong smell. This is caused by autolysis, which is the process of fermentation. This makes it taste pungent. If you want to enjoy this dish, it’s best to wear gloves. You can also try it with sour cream or dill. It’s also often served with beer or schnapps.

Surstromming has a unique taste. It doesn’t taste like chicken or salmon, but it does taste a lot like rotten eggs. Some people have compared it to caviar or Parmgiano cheese. Surstromming is a traditional dish from northern Sweden.

Surstromming is traditionally eaten outside during the summer months. However, it’s not allowed in many apartment buildings. Because of the high pressure, it’s also banned on several major airlines. Some people have even retched when they opened a can of surstromming. It has also been known to explode. The smell can be overwhelming, so most people prefer to eat outside.

Surstromming can be purchased in most Swedish supermarkets. It can also be eaten at restaurants, though some restaurants only serve it for one night. In fact, most Swedes think that surstromming is a part of their culture. They hold a Surstrommingspremiar (surstromming party) every third Thursday in August. This tradition dates back to the time when it was important to preserve food to ensure that it would last for months during the cold winter months.

The Swedish government has conducted tests on surstromming to ensure that it’s safe for consumption. It’s also been found that the saltiness of the brine helps to inhibit the growth of pathogens and spoilage flora. In addition, it’s also been found that the lactobacillus in the fish inhibits the growth of pathogens. The Swedish National Food Administration has also tested the barrels used to ferment surstromming to ensure that they are free from food pathogens.

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