Top 10 luxury women’s clothing brands in the world

This ranking is based on the popularity and attention of global women’s clothing brands, which has nothing to do with the size and status of the brand, but it must be a luxury brand, and women’s clothing should be relatively famous. We have exclusively selected the world’s most searched women’s clothing brands every day for your reference. Most of the women’s clothing brands on the list are French and Italian women’s clothing brands. Of course, these two countries are the holy places for the world’s top luxury brands.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, referred to as LV, is searched 760,000 times a day around the world. Founded in 1854, Paris, France. Brand value in 2011: US$23.1 billion (released by interbrand) The brand value ranks first among luxury brands. The founder, Louis Vuitton, is one of the most outstanding leather goods designers in French history. A century later, Louis Vuitton has become a leading brand in luggage and leather goods, and a symbol of high society. Today, the Louis Vuitton brand is not limited to designing and selling high-end leather goods and bags, but has become a giant trend indicator in the fields of fashion, accessories, leather shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, and famous wines. Louis Vuitton has a pivotal position in the luxury industry.


CHANEL’s global search volume is 447,000 times a day. 2011 brand value: $6.8 billion (Published by BrandZ). CHANEL Chanel was established in Paris, France in 1913. It is mainly engaged in fashion luxury such as haute couture, haute couture ready-to-wear, perfume, make-up, skin care products, shoes, handbags, glasses, watches, jewelry accessories and so on. Every product is famous, especially her fragrances and fashion. The chief designer is Karl Lagerfeld, known as the godfather of fashion, also known as “Lafayette” in the fashion industry. Chanel also launched Chanel No5 perfume in 1921, which became the most profitable product in the history of Chanel, and it has endured on the Hengyuan Time Corridor for a long time. So far, it is still the key product recommended on Chanel’s official website.


GUCCI has 310,000 daily searches worldwide. 1921 Italian luxury brand. Brand value in 2011: $8.76 billion (published by interbrand); $7.45 billion (published by BrandZ). Mainly high-end men’s and women’s fashion, perfume, leather bags, shoes, watches, home accessories, pet supplies and other expensive luxury goods. GUCCI Gucci is the only luxury group in the fashion industry that can compete with the LVMH group. Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn and then US First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Are often used Gucci (Gucci) handbags. In 2008, Huang Xiaoming became the first Asian spokesperson for GUCCI. GUCCI Gucci design style: luxury, sexy, boasting, with a touch of rock flavor.


PRADA has 237,000 daily searches worldwide. Prada Group is one of the top ten luxury groups in the world. Founded in Milan, Italy in 1913, the founder Mario Prada is known for his stylish handbags, suitcases, leather accessories and cosmetic cases. PRADA has been favored and sought after by the royal family and the upper class with its excellent quality. Prada Prada already has such prestigious international brands as Prada, Jil Sander, Churchs, Helmut Lang, Genny, Miu Miu and Car Shoe.


Hermes has 227,000 daily searches worldwide. 2011 brand value: 11.9 billion US dollars (BrandZ release) ranked second in the world’s luxury brands. Hermes was founded in France in 1837 and was famous in Paris, France for the manufacture of high-end harnesses in the early years. Hermès is most famous for its KELLY and BIRKIN bags, which start at 50,000 and reach hundreds of thousands or even millions. Because the output of artisans is limited, it takes about two years to order one piece on average, even Princess Diana needs to wait. With the development of the times, Hermes (Hermes) subsequently launched bags, 1homedesign, clothing, scarves, perfumes, enamels, accessories and home luxury goods. After more than 170 years of ups and downs, the Hermes family has become a typical representative of global luxury through the joint efforts of several generations. In addition, Hermes’ sports and leisure wear is also very good. In 2011, it was awarded one of the top five “world’s top casual wear brands” selected by the world’s top luxury research organization “Robb Report”.


Dior, referred to as CD, has 200,000 daily searches around the world. Founded in 1946 in the fashion capital of France. The brand value ranks 9th in the global fashion luxury category. In 1995, Dior’s classic Lady Dior handbag won the favor of Princess Diana, making the bag famous and popular. Dior has always been synonymous with gorgeousness and elegance. Whether it is fashion, cosmetics or other products, Dior has always been at the top of the fashion hall. Dior company mainly deals in high-end consumer goods such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, underwear, luggage, leather shoes, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, make-up, watches and so on. Dior not only restored Paris to its status as a fashion center after World War II, but also cultivated two well-known design masters: Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent.


Burberry is searched 160,000 times a day worldwide. Brand value in 2011: US$3.73 billion (released by interbrand); US$3.38 billion (released by BrandZ), ranking 6th in the luxury fashion category. Burberry was founded in 1856 and became the royal brand of the British royal family in 1955. It has always been loved by the royal family and is a luxury representative of traditional British style. More than 150 years ago, Burberry mainly produced raincoats, windbreakers, umbrellas and silk scarves. Now it has expanded to clothing, perfumes, bags, watches, leather shoes, children’s clothing, accessories, household items, etc. Burberry’s signature plaid is a symbol of Burberry family identity and status. When people familiar with Burberry see the “Burberry plaid”, it is like seeing their beloved brand.


Chloe French name: Chloé, with 106,000 daily searches worldwide. Founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952, it is one of the top ten popular luxury womenswear brands in the world. In 1966, Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion industry “Lafayette”, was hired as the chief designer. Under his leadership, Chloe became one of the most representative fashion clothing brands in the 1970s. Its design attracted fashionable ladies of the time, including the first lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy, the queen of Morocco, Grace Kelly, the French actress Brigitte Bardot, and the soprano Maria. · Callas (Maria Callas) and others, have to go to the Chloe boutique in the seventh arrondissement of Paris to buy clothes.


Valentino has 130,000 daily searches worldwide. It is one of the top luxury brands of haute couture and ready-to-wear in the world, and is most famous for its noble women’s clothing and evening dresses. Speaking of Valentino, people will naturally feel the Roman aristocratic atmosphere of this name. Won Jacqueline Kennedy (Jacqueline Kennedy), Princess Margaret, former US “First Lady” Nancy Reagan and big stars Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts, Nicole Key Deman, Liz Hurley’s favor. It has been a national treasure of Italy since the 1960s. In 2006, Valentino Garavani was also awarded the Knight of the Legion of Honor by the President of France. The 2008 biographical film Valentino: The Last Emperor, which chronicled the legendary life of Valentino Garavani, was shown at the Venice Film Festival.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana has 106,000 daily searches worldwide. One of the top ten luxury clothing brands in the world. Dolce & Gabbana is a luxury brand with incomparable charm. Dolce & Gabbana was founded in Italy in 1985. Won the “Top Ten Men’s Luxury Brands in the World” selected by the Luxury Institute of the United States. Scored 7.37 points, surpassing Prada (Prada), Versace (Versace), Burberry (Burberry) and so on. The Luxury Institute surveyed 1,503 people with annual household incomes above $150,000 on the topic of top men’s fashion brands. All brands involved are judged on four metrics: quality, exclusivity, social status and self-improvement. Dolce & Gabbana scored above average on all indicators of the Luxury Condition Index.

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